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The Precision Planter by Simon Jacques

April 15, 2014

Proper planting can mean the difference between a good crop and a great crop. Proper planting may even be more important in organic systems than conventional. If you plant too deep, your beans will take longer to emerge, giving the weeds a head start, which is particularly bad if you weren’t planning on spraying with herbicide. Also, deep planting can delay emergence, which can result in seed losses due to rot (since your seed will not be fungicide-treated).


The Berta Plow by Jean Martin Fortier

April 08, 2014

What’s also great about the rotary plow, is that it is surprisingly gentle on the soil. Due to the fact that the soil is not trapped under a hood and repeatedly pulverized, as would happen with a tiller, the soil structure is not beaten to death. Thanks to the corkscrew action, the plough is berthed to the ground, turning the soil over and throwing it out to the side just like a shovel would do it. Also the discharge is easily controlled by the adjustable top cover and a removable side flap that comes with the tool.